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fontanar 001Tours in Cordoba. Traveling 


Departure Point: Bus station and

Palace of Maximian Herculean: Located inside the archaeological site of Cercadilla is believed to have been built by EmperorMaximian Herculean between year 293-305 AD The dating of this period is caused by the discovery of a Unicum where an inscription pointing is the date of construction. He was the only Tetrarchic palace located outside Italy. According to another theory it is a building sent by Bishop in honor of S. Osio I Acisclus.

Blow Fontis Aqueduct Aqua Aurea: Located in the basement of the bus station, belonging to S. Aqueduct II AD built to supply water to the palace of Maximian Herculean. In S. X Alhaken II modify its layout to supply room’s ablutions of the Mosque of Cordoba.Canalizacion romana

Converted and restored after the Christian conquest in S. XIII was used to provide water to the properties of the cathedral chapter, currently continues to fulfill its role in providing water to the ponds and pools street Cairuán the Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos.

Remains of houses Caliphate: Located in the basement of the bus station, are remnants of the houses of the outskirts of Córdoba dated in S. X

Agriculture Gardens: Opened in 1811 and renovated in the mid S. XX, are decorated with wrought iron benches, tiles, etc. lofts. Inside we can see various sculptures as composer busts Martínez Rücker and others sculptor Matthew Inurria to the monument to Julio Romero de Torres.

Jardines del Paseo de Córdoba: They were built to bury the railroad tracks that divided the city into two. Large and very nice they traveled by athletes and elderly persons, so in the popular slang is called “Ride” cholesterol

Palace Cistern Herculean Maximian:Used for watering the horses and to the work of the staff. Were taken and stored right next to the old station.

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